Friday, November 16, 2012

Jackson Sanatorium - Dansville, NY

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This is the trip that changed everything for me. 

A photographer friend of mine got some EVPs while exploring the abandoned Jackson Sanatorium in the past, so I figured I'd try my hand at it and came back with some amazing results. 

All I did was explore the building with my camera recording (HD video). Meanwhile, many things happened.. 


1) This clear whisper I captured several times has not been edited. This is exactly how I recorded it. 

2) I did not hear the voice until I checked my footage later. Isn't it awesome how it said things, then I repeated? [read more: clairaudience

3) At the time it felt very much like someone was giving me a tour, though I was alone. I did not feel frightened, just intrigued and wanting to see more, despite the dangerous condition of the building. 

4) Chris did not hear the BANG! that sounded like a door slamming, and none of the doors in the building were capable of doing so- they were broken and falling off their hinges. When I went to walk toward Chris's voice, it seemed as if I was drawn back toward the sound of the slam, and later led higher up into the building. I saw the roof, with no EVPs, but the view was beautiful. 

5) The voice returned one last time in the basement, when I was looking for my flashlight. We then continued to explore in the dark, looking through curtains, clothing, and old sauna boxes, with a chair inside and a hole for the head. What a find!  

So is Jackson Sanatorium haunted? 
Yes, and it can be considered an intelligent haunting. 

This was most definitely a successful trip, and the one that made me want to keep searching for more. 

What do you think about my experience? 


  1. This is fake I know real recordings when I hear them I am a paranormal investigator and I have done evp sessions before and this one is fake I do not appreciate you trying to trick people into believing something that isn't real

    1. So I do not know what it this EVP it's really not as I am not a professional I lived in Dansville for 10 - 13 years and I have heard stories they may just be stories because it's a creepy-looking building at one time it was beautiful now it's just creepy but some of the experiences that I heard about came from Fireman when they went up there to put out a fire. Most of them that told the stories do not believe in the Supernatural they can't see it they can't feel it they can't touch it it doesn't exist. That being said not one of those firemen will ever go in that building again because of creepy things that they feltsaw I heard. No I'm not saying that this Castle was actually haunted I do not know as I have never been in it closest I've got was the Outer Perimeter but the feeling around that place is enough for me.

  2. I spent 6 hours in this building last weekend from 5pm to 11pm. A group of us explored from the basement to the roof top. So obviously some of the time was in the daylight and some of the time was pitch black. Aside from obvious creaks from a decaying building and the pitiful crying of an abandoned kitten which we rescued and took home, we heard nor saw nothing out of the ordinary.

  3. How do I can't act Jackson Sanatorium so I can ask them some questions who owns it


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