Thursday, February 20, 2014

Personal Experience: I'm Starting To See Light Flashes

I'm a bit hesitant about posting this, as I know how strange/crazy it sounds, but then again this blog is all about strange things, so here goes....

I have recently started seeing twinkling pinpoints of light every now and then, usually in my peripherals. These lights don't move -I can turn my head and look directly at them if I'm quick enough- and they manifest and disappear much like a firefly lighting up. So far they've been mostly blue-white, but I've also seen green and yellow-orange. They appear just as bright during the day as they do at night, and I've only seen one at a time so far, at least an hour between sightings.

I am 99.9% sure this is NOT a medical condition. (My eyes are perfect and I have a much-healthier-than-most diet. I am aware that potassium deficiencies, etc can lead to seeing light flashes, but am confident this is not at all the case. There is no medical evidence to explain what I'm experiencing right now.)

If you've been following me in my paranormal (and psychic?) experiences, you will know I am very sensitive to energies and feelings, I just "know things" a lot of the time, and have had incredible successes in my investigations (with solid evidence)..

Over the past month I have been immersing myself in meditation and spiritual healing (alone) to help ease the pressures of life/career changes, and a few days ago I started seeing these sparkles of light around me. The first couple of days I assumed it was because I hadn't been sleeping well, but in the days to follow it continued, having fully rested.. I've seen one as close as 2 feet from my head, and so far the furthest was about 8-10 feet away in a corner. I have seen them both by myself, as well as in the presence of my boyfriend. He hasn't seen them, but completely believes me (fortunately). I don't feel fear or that something is wrong when I see these lights, it's more like, "WHOA! Did you see it?!", accompanied with a finger point. Excitement. Curiosity.

I've done a lot of reading online but can't find a decent explanation for what this is, other than it's something some clairvoyants can see...? Some say it's spirit guides. Or angels, but I'm not so sure I can believe that. I'm a very logical/scientific person, and not at all religious.

And so, I now turn to you, my readers:
Have you experienced this, or know of anyone who has? What do you think it is?


  1. observing flashing lights is concerning and you should visit your optometrist. flashing lights are related to the tearing of the retina and should be checked by a professional immediately.

  2. Yes, definitely. I have been checked out and everything is normal.

  3. Yep seen them 2 except mine are more blue/ultraviolet occasionally i see red ones. they appear more as dots to me. maybe subconscious using light to tell you something so you notice?
    my theory is along the lines of red shift/blue shift in knowing what is coming or going with planets.

  4. Changes in eye-sight can sometimes be mini-strokes. I would definitely get checked.

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