Saturday, February 2, 2013

Seneca Lake Drums / Guns Of The Seneca

It's true that you can hear loud booming sounds over Seneca Lake in the summer evenings. These booms have even been known to produce shockwaves that have rattled dishes in the cupboards of various homes.

The Native American Indians believed these sounds to be the drumming of the ancestors, evil spirits, or divine messages.

According to Wikipedia:
"Seneca Lake is also the site of a strange and currently unexplained phenomenon known as Mistpouffers. In this area, they are called the Seneca Guns, Lake Drums, or Lake Guns. These are mysterious cannon-like booms and shakes that are heard and felt in the surrounding area. The term Lake Guns originated in the short story "Lake Gun" by James Fenimore Cooper in 1851. Many believe that they are caused by giant air bubbles from deep in the lake bursting on the surface, which is not believed to be true. Others equate it with Indian folklore. The most likely explanation is due to sonic booms from military aircraft, though this does not explain the sounds heard during Cooper's time."

Another explanation people have for this phenomena is tectonic plates moving under the surface, but there is no evidence of this.

If there were giant gas bubbles erupting, wouldn't we be able to see and observe them?

So for now, the Lake Drums, or Guns of the Seneca still remain a mystery.

This is not the only place you can hear them. This phenomena is said to occur closeby in Cayuga Lake as well, and Connecticut, and on the coast of North Carolina.

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