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Fall Brook, PA Cemetery

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We are going to do an investigation of Fall Brook Cemetery in the near future, as we heard it is supposedly haunted and many of the caskets have raised to the surface. Here's what we found online about it:

"Fall Brook is a ghost town located in Ward Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, United States. The town has been deserted since around 1900. In 1860, the Fallbrook Coal Company founded the town on the Fall Brook Creek. John Magee and his son Duncan had discovered some coal along the banks of the Fall Brook Creek. The Magees also constructed a railroad to connect Fall Brook with Corning, New York where the coal was transported up to the Erie Canal. By 1862, Fall Brook had a population of about 1400 people. Eventually the coal ran out, and by 1900 the town ceased to exist. The town of Fallbrook, California is named after this town."
- Wikipedia

"The borough of Fallbrook was established in 1864. When the railroad closed the town slowly diminished to eventually nothing. Only a cemetery, some basement foundations, and small scattered personal items remain. The cemetery dates back to as early as the mid 1800s and is rumored to be haunted by children buried there who died from the bubonic plague. The majority of those resting there are children. Many of the plots next to the stones are raising from the ground to form mounds. Ghost hunters and seekers of the paranormal frequent the cemetery in hopes of finding whatever haunts the cemetery and woods surrounding it. Some say they have seen strange mists, felt uneasy or "watched" and even heard screams coming from the woods." 
- Wendy the Explorer

"Fallbrook is a ghost town located between Canton, Pa and Blossburg, Pa. This was a return investigation and was doubling as a training exercise. Numerous EVPs and disembodied voices were heard and recorded. Also a full scale shadow person was witnessed by an investigator but dissipated before video documentation could be gained. Truly an amazing place worthy of further study and experimentation and is an extremely HAUNTED location."
- Creeper Crew

"The smallpox raged in Fall Brook during the winter of 1871-2, and several deaths resulted.  On Saturday and Sunday May 11th and 12th 1872 fire raged in the woods surrounding Fall brook, and threatened the destruction of the town. The whole population fought the fire and succeeded in arresting its progress."
- Joyce M. Tice

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  1. I was actually out there a few months back, just before dawn until not much later. It's really not all that eerie despite the stories I was told, though it is definitely not in the best state of repair. Be sure not to step on any visible graves, not just for basic reasons of respect but at least as importantly, to prevent from falling in. Many of the coffins have raised up from the ground, though they're still covered in a thick layer of turf, but they're still a hazard. Further, many of the grave markers are either missing or simply overgrown, though to be honest I can't say which is the case. As for the paranormal though... It didn't seem that active at the time, but there have been more reports of the paranormal throughout Tioga over the past month or so. You might get lucky.

    PS: I'll tag along for beer. I'll be in the area a while longer.

  2. I was there a few years ago with a group. There were a lot of experiences. Email me if interested in the story.

  3. Not bubonic plague. Small pox outbreak from late 1871 to early 1872. I live a half an hour away. Check your history

  4. Not haunted, all the stories are BS. It's very serene if anything, covered in creeping blueberries even. It's all just the same rehashed ghost stories that all the small towns have, but with names and places changed around.

  5. My wife and I was just there 9/7/14.. I had a great grandfather who was a teamster driver for the saw mill and lived in ward and fall brook. I found the cemetery in bad shape but calm and peacefull. I Wish there was a person that new the history of Fall Brook that can give me the layout better. I have no relatives buried in Fall Brook They were buried in Bloss Cemetery Blossburg from 1870 ontill 1930's. I might have desendents there yet don't know. I can be reached email if you can help me out.. I live across the state in Greenville Pa. Father and two grandfathers buried over here


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