About Us

We are a small group of paranormal investigators based out of Elmira, NY, and prefer to use a logical and scientific approach during our investigations.

We feel that there is a lot of exaggeration when people try to explain the (sometimes) unexplainable. People see what they want to see. We, however, refuse to buy into the crap and share our experiences as they really are. The paranormal is not something to be feared, but questioned- what is this, and why is it happening?

If you are the owner of a property you believe is haunted and would like us to check it out, you can contact us here. We do not charge for investigations, because 'ghost hunting' is still considered a pseudo science, and the possible strong emotions of the people involved. We do this because we are truly interested in the paranormal. (This is a field rife with frauds, so choose your investigators wisely. [Guide To Choosing A Good Paranormal Investigative Team])

The Team:

K - Paranormal USKourtney
Lead Investigator

I'm K, an industrial musician (Raivyn), amateur photographer, and I work at a tattoo shop. After a hair raising trip to Kings Park Psychiatric Center, I began to take an interest in collecting evidence of the paranormal and sharing what I find.

I'm not sure what 'ghosts' are exactly, and I may never know for certain. I'm okay with that. This is where I share my findings with the world.

Gary - Paranormal US

[bio coming soon]


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