Friday, February 1, 2013

Seneca Lake Monster?

Seneca Lake Monster - sea serpent - cryptozoology
There have been numerous stories and reports of a mysterious large serpent monster living in Seneca Lake, in New York.

"Native American Indians found Seneca Lake to be a mysterious place on many levels. They told of rumors that it was a bottomless lake. They also believed that the monster that lived in its depths was a force not to be trifled with. The first European Americans who encountered this area brushed off these stories as merely being the superstitions of a primitive people."
- Walter Gable - The Sea Serpent of Seneca Lake

Some photos and videos have surfaced over the years, and a whole lot of stories.

I do fully believe the following images to be fake, not that they were necessarily staged, but perhaps the photographer was unaware of what he/she was looking at. There are a lot of very large fish in that lake, as Gary (my fellow investigator) has seen personally.

This does not, however, mean there is no Seneca Lake monster. There just isn't any substantial evidence to say that there is.

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Seneca Lake Monster - sea serpent - cryptozoology

Seneca Lake Monster - sea serpent - cryptozoology

Seneca Lake Monster - sea serpent - cryptozoology

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