Saturday, January 25, 2014

What Is My Purpose Here?

Here's something I don't think I've explained much here:

What is my purpose here? Why did I start this blog?

This isn't an easy one for me to answer. There are a lot of reasons behind the creation of this blog.. and here are a few:

#1) To educate.

I am appalled by what the mainstream media has done for paranormal investigators. Because this field is considered a pseudo-science, there is no official training. Anyone with a camera can go out and collect evidence.. not that that's a bad thing (that's pretty much what I do), but most people do so with severely flawed thinking. Their investigative techniques are all wrong, and are anything but scientific (too many so-called 'investigators' love to make assumptions), and we have television to blame. It seems nowadays that just about any group of idiots can get a tv show, become professional idiots, and give false hope and tons of misinformation to the masses. People eat that shit up too, because apparently, if it's on tv, it's got to be real...

Watching media-appointed 'gurus' use unreliable methods and spread lies and elevate clients' fears (and they're too dumb to realize what they're really doing!) pisses me off beyond belief! [related reading: Guide To Choosing A Good Paranormal Investigative Team]

When I watch a lot of these ghost hunting shows, I can't help but pick apart all the flaws in their methods, as well as their disrespect for the locations, and this goes on throughout the entire show! I literally sit there yelling at the screen, hoping these idiots will do something right for once.

When most other people watch these shows, they tend to look up to these investigators, and believe everything they say, as well as the often unreliable 'evidence' they come up with! The bar for 'professionals' is set incredibly low, and this inspires people to go out and get it all wrong, too.

I feel it's necessary I work to change this by providing the information no one else does, as well as lead by example- scientific theory, methods of testing and debunking, and just plain common sense. I am aware that in doing so, I will probably offend many people who are guilty of these bad things (truth hurts!), but I don't like lies, and can't stand seeing so many people's problems made worse with all this false information. I'm not writing this to make friends- I'm doing it because the world needs it. Someone needs to stand up and tell the truth already!

#2) To ease fears.

Did you know I've spent a great deal of my life thus far absolutely terrified of what I did not understand? It wasn't until recent years I got up the nerve to start facing those fears and learning the truth. That was a huge step for me.

Because of this, I know what it's like to live in fear, and how debilitating that is. I wouldn't wish that on anyone! Knowledge is power, and when people understand that they often are not in any danger at all, they become a little more open to learning more about what's really going on!

#3) For personal growth.

It's not just about the public though- there's so much I want to learn about the unexplainable, as well as my place in all of this. Not only am I facing the things I spent a lot of my life afraid of, I am also growing to understand my abilities as a 'sensitive'. (My first real evidence of this is shown in my investigation of Jackson Sanatorium, although I have always known I was 'different' somehow.)

While I do not use my 'gut feelings' as actual evidence, they can still be considered personal experiences, and used as further details to back my solid findings. I am questioning what I am capable of, as well as my limits. While I have displayed many signs of 'medium-ship' and clairaudience, I'm unsure where that begins and ends for me. I feel I can further study this 'sensitivity' through paranormal investigation, and monitor how often evidence matches up with my personal experiences.

#4) For promotion and project funding.

How is anyone going to find me if I don't have a website? In order to find new places and help others, I have to put myself, and my knowledge, out there. I also chose to monetize this website (displaying advertisements) as a way to fund my project. Equipment (and gasoline!) can get a little expensive. I don't charge for investigations, so I have to pay for that stuff somehow! To justify it, I try to provide the most in-depth information I can, and it has worked out great thus far.

I am both proud of and surprised by how far I've come in the past couple of years, and look forward to learning and experiencing so much more! There is a lot out there that we do not understand, and I hope to both learn and educate others as I go along, as well as meet other people on similar journeys.

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